Global Waters Outreach

Affecting global healing through creative programs for individual, societal, and ecological rejuvenation.

Current Projects

Give Your Old Boat a New Life!

We are collecting old boats from people who would like to donate theirs to a good cause. With these old boats we are organizing beach cleanups with groups of volunteers, disadvantaged youths, and divergent communities. Thus, these old boats become vessels for ecological and sociological healing! If you have an old boat you’d like to donate to this program, please get in touch! All boat donations are tax deductible for their replacement value!

A Nomadic Beach-cleaning Eco-camp

A solar-powered “glamping” eco-tourist destination on the shores of Israel, we represent a group of extremely devoted individuals who refuse to accept the status quo, and we’re doing something about it. With our fleet of small sailing vessels, we scour the coastline for plastic waste and other sorts of rubbage. With a full syllabus of health-conscious courses such as yoga, sustainable living techniques, and meditation – to name a few – we take care of ourselves as we care for our world! Check out more at!

A global quest for positive vibrations

We’re on a worldwide quest to find, record, and/or promote positive and uplifting music! This project unites musicians, audio engineers, videographers and photographers with listeners like you, the world over, in their love of music and mutual desire to see a healthier, more harmonious future. Please join us on our quest! Check us out at!

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